Our Story

Our story stems from Punjab where it’s all about tasty wholesome food. Thousands of years and multiple civilizations have created the world famous unique Punjabi taste. From the Saag Paneer to the Tandoor, we are passionate about maintaining and improving our fortunate inheritance.

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Original Charcoal Shish Kebab


You are likely to throw your cutlery away and dive in with your fingers when eating our charcoal shish kebab. Our world(ok London!) renown Charcoal chef Poppat Bhai has spent over 20 years perfecting our original charcoal shish kebab spice mix. When the meat is marinated in this special spice mix and cooked over a hot grill it magically transforms into a mind blowing tasty and succulent shish kebab that melts in your mouth.Try the sane Mild, daring Medium or just crazy Poppat Hot!

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